TSCM/Counter Technical Intrusion Eavesdropping Detection and Prevention Services

Eavesdropping Detection and Prevention Services2018-12-21T15:15:16-08:00

Comprehensive Technical and Physical Inspection
of target area for the presence of:

  • Detection and Identification of all Digital, Analog and Bursting RF signals occurring within the target area
  • Active radio frequency transmitters
  • Inert frequency transmitters
  • RF telephone transmitters
  • Frequency hopping transmitters
  • Spread spectrum transmitters
  • Carrier current transmitters
  • Telephone infinity transmitters
  • Internal hard-wire taps
  • Infrared transmitters
  • Contact microphones
  • Hard-wire microphones
  • Internal inductive telephone taps
  • PBX hard-wire taps
  • Unintentional wiring compromises
  • Covert digital recording units
  • Modified VOIP Telephone Sets
  • Hidden cell phone devices
  • Ultrasonic transmitting/recording units
  • Covert hidden cameras
  • Unauthorized/Rogue Wi-Fi devices and signals
  • Unauthorized Bluetooth Transmitters/Receivers


  • Highly effective countermeasures equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Sound masking systems
  • Scrambled voice communications
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