UniTrust Protection Services (Canada) Ltd. is a Vancouver, B.C. based company recognized internationally as a leader in delivering specialized security services to Government and Corporate sectors. Strong partnerships with like minded companies around the world create the capability of true global service in providing for our clients.

Our team of professionals represent the finest in former law enforcement, military intelligence, electronics and industrial security professions. All personnel possess the necessary licensing and bonding required and are covered by the appropriate insurance.



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What is TSCM? (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)


“I have known the Lead TSCM Technician for UniTrust Protection Services Canada Ltd for over twenty-five (25) years and have witnessed his work regarding TSCM procedures. I have found him to be conscientious, professional, and extremely thorough.

He uses leading edge equipment as well as industry best practices in conducting his “sweeps” and examinations. He provides professional and concise reports regarding his work for client review. I would not hesitate to recommend his services for either personal, professional, corporate or government agencies.”

– R.J. (Bob) Hartl, CPP, S/Sgt. Rtd. RCMP

Bob Hartl is a retired member of the RCMP and for 6 years prior to his retirement from the Force he was in charge of the Counter Technical Intrusion Unit (CTI) as well as the Special Entry Section for the Pacific Region (BC and the Yukon).

Frequently Asked Questions

UniTrust has been delivering TSCM Services to Government, Corporate and Private Sector domestically and internationally since 1995.
UniTrust utilizes the most up to date and technologically advanced countersurveillance equipment designed and engineered for that purpose. Commonly utilized by Government Intelligence and Security Agencies to safeguard national interests, UniTrust maintains the same equipment with all current and available upgrades and firmware updates, often in advance of the Government sector.
It depends on the size of the space to be inspected and the design and layout. At a minimum, 4-6 hours to complete all of the tests and measurement of the IT, Telecom & Rf environment, carrier current and physical inspection. Large areas may exceed 12 hours or take a number of days to complete.

We do not recommend proceeding with a TSCM Inspection if you cannot reasonably restrict, control and monitor access to the inspected area. If a TSCM Inspection is completed and the area deemed clear and you have no ability to determine who enters that space, a device or compromise could then be placed undermining your effort. We strongly encourage a security review, enhancement of physical security and installation of access control and monitoring concurrent with any TSCM Service. We are able to provide a Physical Security Audit and recommendations via our trusted and experienced Security Partners.